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Words that not only chiseled in the Temple of Delphi but also have travelled through time from Ancient Greece to the present day.


The journey towards that knowledge which is offered here is no “quick fix” but is a journey that, like a well-organized treasure hunt, is constantly supplying you with useable clues and an abundance of smaller and greater rewards along the way.

Knowing yourself means increased self-awareness.

Knowing yourself means being able to translate confusion into understanding.

Knowing yourself means accessing inner knowledge that gives you the feedback needed to make the right choices and decisions.

Why should you attempt to get the best out of yourself?

Why? Because there is a lot at stake! A lot that can go wrong if you don’t.

  • Your job
  • Your income
  • Your status
  • Your health
  • your private life
  • Your relationships and your place in the society in which you live.

Success or failure in each one of these areas of your life is dependent upon your ability to recognize and use inner wisdom.

“Know Yourself”, is the only truly reliable guide to what will ultimately lead you to the best outcome.

Self-reliance and personal responsibility
are the current "hot topics"

These topics are resonating with all of you wanting to experience true success in every area of your life. How do you become your own Lifealchemist?
How do you learn to turn bad times into good times and good times to even better ones?
The most important question is:
How do you become that person – the person you can always rely upon to give you the best advice.

And just in case you haven’t yet noticed:

Life outside of yourself is unpredictable. Your best course is to ensure that your own inner world is under your control. That knowledge delivers peace of mind! 

 "Decide for yourself what sort of person you want to be!"

Being clear on this question opens new paths and unique opportunities in your life. Succeeding in your desire is not a matter of making a giant leap. It is rather a series of small but steady steps. In this way you can refine and improve upon your aim as you continue on your journey forward.

Fear and doubt, constantly talking about what is lacking in your life, costs time, energy and money and even more importantly, blocks the creative flow which is life.

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  • Reawaken your curiosity.
  • Find your space.
  • Enrich your life with purpose.

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